Salsa Status: Available

ID: 20879

Name: Salsa

Breed: Collie Cross

Age: 2 Years

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: A minimum donation of £100

Location: In Foster in
Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire

If you are interested in adopting a dog that does not say it can be homed with a cat and wish us to cat test please let us know and we will be happy to do this.

15-12-17 Salsa is a 1 year old cross breed who has come to use from truly appalling conditions in Romania. He has witnessed and experienced things no dog should see and he was saved by a Romanian rescue who have very little funds. Thanks to our wonderful supporters we were able to offer help to 28 of these dogs and so now Salsa is here to find a home probably for the first time in his life. Salsa is good with other dogs but prefers females.  So we are looking for a home with at least one female dog which will help him learn about living in a home.  He is a calm but worried boy who has not only seen terrible sights but was caught on a pole and dragged from the street to a kill shelter and then put in with 30 other dogs to take his chances.  He was hanging on to life by the skin of his teeth and it's hard for him to understand that things will get better.   We are looking for an experienced home for Salsa so if you can help him and have the time and patience to offer him the life he really has no idea he could life please apply.  Salsa has a passport.

01-02-18 UPDATE
Today I heard someone say Salsa was not cute. If they knew him well however - they would say he was VERY cute! He is cute in his mannerisms and in his behaviour. The way his ears point forward and the way their tips bop up and down when he trots along proudly and elegantly on walks. Just look at the way he covers his nose and face with his paws when he sleeps!...similar to a baby. The way his very short tail wags like a million miles an hour when he meets dogs of all shapes and sizes! His short wagging tail catches everyones eye and makes everyone giggle too as does his happy face - it is hilariously ecstatic! The way he buries and rubs his face and head into your hand like a cat does for a face massage. The way he wraps his arms around your arms and holds you tight when you give him a fuss. The way he dips his head and closes his eyes to really enjoy and savour the fuss. It is so nice to see him relax. Salsa is unbelievably cute. And has a gorgeous soul.
Salsa has made huge amounts of progress since his arrival. He now walks perfectly fine on just a lead and loves to take in all the nice smells of the countryside! Today he saw a stream and was brave enough to have a paddle in the shallow water!
Cars driving by still scare him though, so I am going to introduce him to a stationary car tomorrow and see what he makes of it. We will then find someone who will take us for a short drive. I'm sure he will be a little nervous and wary at first. Salsa is nervous and wary of many things to begin with, including people. His face is very expressionate and you can tell he is a little worried as his eyes widen in fear, and he will keep a safe distance. If someone he knows well is with him though, he is a little more comfortable and happy to approach strangers - especially if they have food treats. Salsa enjoys playing with his Weeble Wobble Kong in his kennel and you can hear him tapping it about and munching on his treats!
Just recently, Salsas best friend - Honour - who is a larger, calm, gentle, but no nonsense female, was adopted. Salsa has been kennelled with other dogs fine, but he currently lives by himself because we haven't got a perfect kennel friend match for him.
Salsa meets other dogs perfectly well - no matter whether they are big or small, male or female - but he does not like reactive dogs, reactive males in particular. He feels he needs to be exactly the same back at them -  it's kind of understandable because he had to fight to survive in his past life, and showing signs of submitting would have been a weakness and life threatening for him, but we are trying to teach him he does not need to copy and be the same as these reactive dogs and that it is naughty and unnecessary. If a dog does pick a fight with him - he will tell it off, so Salsa would need to be homed with a non reactive dog. Despite being kennelled by himself at the moment, I do socialise him with all sorts of other dogs a few times a day. And he just LOVES making new friends!!! His current favourites are a tiny worried female JRT, a mischevious beagle and a playful fellow Romanian girl called Laura who he enjoyed flirting, wrestling and running around playing chase with! They both had a brilliant time!
Salsa continues to be kennel clean, but he still pulls some of his bedding out - just like a messy teenager does!
He spends his days chilling out laying on his bedding and when he see people he  knows coming he jumps up, his little tail wagging like crazy and he will look at you adoringly, push his nose through the bars as well as his paws and wants to hold your hand.
I am very proud and pleased with Salsas progress. I would love to adopt him myself but unfortunately I am not in the position to. If you like the look and sound of him, have time, patience and understanding of Salsas past, please come down and meet him, ask for Geri, and you will see the real Salsa!

27-04-18 UPDATE
A few months ago, Salsas best friend was adopted and Salsa found himself kennelled alone because we didn't have a perfect kennel match for him. He was however socialised with other dogs. Unfortunately, Salsa found being on his own at bedtime and overnight very upsetting, lonely, scary and stressful. He would cry, and whereas before he and his friend would keep their kennel immaculate, since being on his own, we would find his kennel trashed when we opened his kennel up in the morning. It was very hard and sad to see and something that could not go on. He needed to go into foster.
We also noticed that he had started to chew his tail, which led him to having part of his already stumpy tail removed. He was given antibiotics, pain relief and a cone to wear. Salsa was not impressed with his new head gear and went on to destroy about 5 cones. It was crucial that he couldn't destroy/remove his cone because if he continued to chew his tail, it could have become life threatening for him. We eventually made a cone he couldn't destroy! He also had to put cream on his stump which wasn't easy to do and something Salsa did not like. Even I had to be careful applying the cream. Salsa also had to go into emergency foster - so we decided he would come into foster with me - his kennel Mummy - as he seemed much more confident and stable around me - and we were just going to see how it went. The first few nights were tough...neither of us had much sleep...but perseverance and determination paid off in the end.
Salsa met my dogs in my home very well. I have 2 female beagles, two female shih tzu crosses and a male bichon! He gets on well with them all, but if I pop out the house, I separate him from the little ones. This is only because some of the little ones can be grumpy and Salsa has taken this behaviour from other dogs in the past as meaning he needs to fight for his life. Although, to be fair to him, when my male bichon growls at him to move up on the sofa or something, Salsa does turn and look away as if to say "blimey, alright!" and will move away from him!
I did try out crate training with Sal, but it is clear that this is something he really cannot cope with. He becomes extremely stressed.
He travels perfectly well in a car - but again, not in a crate. Salsa is clean in the house, only marking once or twice when he arrived. He spends his time relaxing, snoozing on his bed, on the sofa, or wandering around playing with his toys! His facial expression when playing is very cute and adorable! Salsa LOVES to play...and loves nothing more than having a good run around in the field - usually in a big circle - either playing catch with a bit of wrestling involved with his doggy friends, or with me pretending to chase him which he finds ever so fun! He is very fast indeed!
Salsa would need to have a big garden to run around in. He enjoys his walks and I think he still needs to build up some more strength as he hasn't quite got the stamina the beagles have bless him!
On his walk to work, he will always want to say hello to the horses! He is a funny, cheeky, mischevious boy! He is also very bright and has just started to give "paw", and is learning other commands like "sit" etc. He also shares his beds, food and toys perfectly.
Salsa comes to work with me in the day. He used to be kennelled by himself and socialised with dogs throughout the day, but he now spends his whole day in a kennel with other dogs. At present he spends his days with a group of female beagles. He gets on well with them all, particularly the more playful one - they both run around after eachother in the sandschool playing chase, wrestling, pulling eachothers ears and what not! This excitement did lead to a bit of a falling out on one occasion, but they are still friends!
Salsa would be best homed with an wqual sized or larger calm and non reactive female dog. He has a few girlfriends - including a fellow Romanian called Lotta, who adores him. He was quite taken aback by the attention she was paying him, and wasn't quite sure of what to do, so he decided to try his fail safe technique - running around and encouraging her to play! It was heartwarming! Especially as both dogs can be choosy who their friends are! Salsa does not seem to like other large male dogs. If they pass by his kennel or he sees them out on walks he can become aggitated  - barking and snarling. On one occasion he became quite frenzied so he will be attending training and socialisation classes soon, and will also be having private one on one time with a Dog Behaviourist so we are able to address and sort some of these issues, in the correct way and this will be something that will need to continue.  For this reason we are looking for a home experienced with dogs with behavourial issues/
Salsa doesn't trust many people at all, and is a very different dog when I am not around, so this is something we are working on. For example, if I am not around, he  will bark and growl in fear at some staff members. Getting a lead on him to take him for a walk is virtually impossible. But if I am there, he is more confident. So this is something else we are working on. I have found writing this update a little tricky, because having worked with Salsa since his arrival, and being his only kennel mummy, and then fostering him, I am extremely fortunate that Salsa trusts me and is consequently much more confident and quite a different dog around me. He is a young boy who has had an awful, completely abnormal and cruel start in life, which has left him very wary of new people, and can be difficult to handle. He has his troubles, which are being addressed, and others which are going to be, but given time, patience, care, understanding and lots of love and fun, Salsa is a VERY loyal, very loving, affectionate, extremely fun, funny, playful boy who has SO much potential in the right hands. Today my friends very playful, busy, lively, larger female retriever is coming over to we will see how that goes.

14-08-18 UPDATE
Salsa has become a lot more relaxed in himself and in life in general, and this shows in his eyes and facial expression and general demeanour...But he still has a way to go yet - when it comes to trusting and having confidence in people other than myself (fosterer).
For example, he is now happy to walk beside people he doesn't know, and he will even appraoch people he doesn't know very briefly for a quick sniff if I'm standing close by, but if I allow my friends - people he knows well to take his lead, he will instantly become very worried. So this is something we are working on. I am trying to get him to trust other people a little more.
Salsa has just recently had his first shower! He has had a good nose at the other dogs in my home having one so I thought I might try and encourage him to have one... He didn't really fancy getting in, panicked a little, and jumped out several times, but he eventually relaxed enough for me to wash his back end, slowly moving upwards towards his shoulders - but not his head. Salsa rested his front paws on the side of the bath for safety purposes and reassurance! He actually quite enjoyed being towel dried and the pampering that came afterwards! He has lost all his Winter fur and is no longer patchy...he looks rather handsome these days!
Salsa now sleeps soundly throughout the night and the little noises coming from the surrounding countryside don't wake or bother him anymore, which is good. When we are at home, Salsa enjoys sleeping outside a fair bit, but will eventually come inside if called and bribed! Although sometimes I do have to carry him in... Unless it's dinner time or treat time - then he'll run in happily and expectant! Salsa takes treats out of your hand gently.
During the day, Salsa comes to work with me, and gets socilaised with other dogs. He gets on well with most but can still be very reactive towards some. This is a work in progress and something we are still figuring out. Salsa will need to be homed with another dog to provide him with the doggy company he needs to feel secure. His canine friend will help make him feel safe and will help to settle him and help him trust his forever family. His future forever doggy friend will need to be a non reactive dog. He would like a playful friend who will run around and play chase with him, in a garden big enough to do this in! His future forever family will preferably have had experence with scared dogs, who have had a rough time in life. They will need to have plenty of understanding, patience and time, and enough love for him to commit to him for the rest of his life. They will need to be prepared to work for his friendship and work on a few of his issues. When Salsa is given plenty of time, patience and understanding...he is a very loyal, loving, fun, funny boy. He just needs someone who is going to give him everything he needs and never let him down.

23-10-19 UPDATE

Today I met Salsa and what a darling he truly is! When I first went in to meet Salsa I thought what a beautiful boy, he has the prettiest eyes. When I went in he backed away which is understandable as he doesn't know me. I knelt down and offered a treat, he slowly started to come forward and very gently he took his treat after this I showed he his lead and he didn't show any interest in coming with me until I showed him a treat. As he went for the treat I slipped the lead over him and asked him to 'come'. He followed behind me a little worried. We went for a walk all the way up the road. He walked with me willingly after a while. Salsa goes home with member of staff but still has to sit in a kennel through the day. Salsa has waited for such a long time for his special people. He is one of our longer stayers here. If you think you have space in your heart  for Salsa then please apply.

25-10-19 UPDATE

As you can see in my previous write-ups on Salsa, there is a lot to say about the handsome boy. Unfortunately, I think my main points about him are getting lost, so I thought I'd write a very short/blunt update on exactly what sort of home Salsa is looking for. However, if you are seriously interested in him, please take the time to read my previous updates.
Salsa is looking for a Mum and Dad who have a lot of patience and understanding and preferably experience with regards to frightened, reactive street dogs, and a family who will continue his training, which will be ongoing.
I have looked after Salsa for over a year now, and he is still a work in progress. He is a character to say the least. Almost like a teenager! He is fun, charming, loving, and has a very soft side to him, but he does have his temperamental side.
He would like an adult only home, with no cats, and at least one other, preferably female dog who is playful - and will play with him, but who will also give him space in the home.

19-11-19 UPDATE

Salsa is still here waiting for his forever home. even though Geri has worked amazingly with Salsa, he still has his issues and is looking for an experienced home. He will need a home where his people understand that Salsa has been through a bad time before he came from.
Today we did something new with Salsa so i decided i was going to train him to run with the bike. When I took Salsa out he was absolutely terrified of the bike, so everyday I will continue to walk him and train him to run with the bike.
Salsa will need a home where his new people are very active and someone who will not leave him for too long through the day. Salsa has been here for a long time now, and it's about time he had his happy ending. is there anyone that can offer Salsa a forever home for Christmas?

Although SALSA is by donation rather than the full adoption fee, we ask for a minimum donation of £100 to help cover the costs that have been incurred. All our dogs are micro-chipped, have had at least their first inoculation and are spayed/neutered unless there is a medical reason for not doing so. If your application is successful you will be home checked and you, all members of your family and any dog(s) who will be living with the dog MUST come to meet the dog you want to adopt. You must have a safe means of transporting the dog home in a crate or if this is not possible please discuss with Many Tears or the Fosterer when your application is being processed.

Please read our adoption procedures before applying and then complete the adoption form.





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