Gizmo ^


Gizmo ^ Status: Reserved

ID: 28731

Name: Gizmo ^

Breed: Schnauzer Cross Labrador

Age: 4 Years

Gender: Male

Adoption Fee: See below

Location: At Many Tears in
Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

If you are interested in adopting a dog that does not say it can be homed with a cat and wish us to cat test please let us know and we will be happy to do this.

03-10-20 Gizmo is a very intelligent boy who came to us from a home but has lived a fairly sheltered life. He is unsure about a lot of things and is not for a first time dog owner. Gizmo will need an adult only experienced home with owners who have had dogs with behavioural problems before. He is great fun to train, very clever and responsive but really needs someone with the knowledge to help him. New people worry Gizmo but he gets over this quite fast with the help of food. He has lovely shaggy hair but was not keen on us brushing or grooming him. We have been working on him to get used to grooming using positive reinforcement and he is responding well He does need work in all areas of training as it is all new to him but he should come around with experienced owners who are patient and willing to increase his confidence in certain areas and continue the work we are doing. He can be homed as an only dog in the right circumstances, he can also go with other dogs but they would need to be of a similar size to him and very tolerant as he is incredibly playful.

14-10-20 UPDATE

Gizmo is improving every day, meeting strangers and staff around the centre and taking treats off them to improve his confidence with new people. He is loving his walks, fascinated by birds and wildlife but does want to chase them so I have been working on his recall around distractions.   Gizmo still needs lots of work doing but is coming along nicely. He would not suit a home with cats or small animals due to his love to chase them. He has been getting better with his lead walking and also getting used to handling but there is still a way to go. He has not had the best of starts and needs owners who understand his needs and who can continue with the progress he is making. He is a lovely boy  who is very trainable with someone who has the experience to help him.

26-10-20 UPDATE

I don’t always see Gizmo but when I do, I do see an improvement each time. When I see him he wants to play and loves attention, walks and running up and down the corridor winding up the other dogs before going out to play. He has to go to a home without children as he can be a bit boisterous at times and grumpy if you try to make him do things he doesn’t want to do such as go back in his room. However, with a treat butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth as he will do anything for his treat. He will sit, follow you out and ignore all other dogs while you have a treat ready for him. He is a lovely boy really as long as you understand that some things are on his terms. As he needs a home without other dogs he will need lots of exercise to burn off his energy. If Gizmo could be the dog for you I’m sure he will love you back and in time things for you without a treat. 


Gizmo has been here a while, we picked him up from his home where the lady had issues and had not taken him out of the house AT ALL for months. He was not well socialized and not only that he also was mistrustful, fearful and protective of his own wellbeing. He has come along miles from that day but still has a way to go. He seems to get on with other dogs but finds sharing hard. I guess the very little comfort he has ever known are something he wants to keep. So now he lives in a kennel waiting to see his favourite people. He has no idea there is better ahead as he’s not experienced miles of walks, sandy beaches and endless love. He came to us with very poor muscle tone, and may well not have the best hips, however every day as he gets more exercise he looked better and better.

 SO What sort of home do you think he needs, well here is my list.

  1. A home forever, who goes into sharing their lives with him with their eyes wide open.
  2. An adult home that is not too busy, i.e. family in and out and friends always dropping in.
  3. A super compassionate person who has a deep understanding of the love and training he will need.
  4. Someone with time.

PLEASE HELP HIM FIND A SPECIAL HOME - HE IS OUR DOG OF THE WEEK and there will be frequest posts about him. Please share. These are desperate times, he and the staff need something very good to happen. THANK YOU Sylvia x

01-11-20 UPDATE
Today Sylvia took Gizmo into her home to see how he coped.

03-11-20 UPDATE

Today Gizmo has been to visit the horses, been inside Sylvia's home again and has met and played with both big and small dogs.

04-11-20 UPDATE

Gizmo really enjoyed his little outing in the car today. After the initial excitement and new smells he did settle down. When people jogged passed us he did get excited again as this was all quite new to him but when told to sit he did listen. As you can see in the video Gizmo has no trouble getting into the car, he travels well and likes to see what's going on around him. He is going to make such an amazing companion when he finally finds his forever home.

05-11-20 UPDATE

Gizmo has been a really busy boy lately! First he went out for a run along side the bike with Chelsea, which he really seemed to enjoy and did fantastically with. Then he went out into the yard with Rhys for some play time and also a training session - didn't he do well? Gizmo really is a star and in the right home he will absolutely thrive.

 If your application is successful you will be home checked and you, all members of your family and any dog(s) who will be living with the dog MUST come to meet the dog you want to adopt. All our dogs are micro-chipped, have had at least their first inoculation* and are spayed/neutered unless there is a medical reason for not doing so. You must have a safe means of transporting the dog home in a crate or if this is not possible please discuss with Many Tears or the Fosterer when your application is being processed.

* Many Tears uses Vanguard to vaccinate their dogs.  However, this can sometimes be difficult to source at local vets so if you are adopting a dog or puppy that has only had one vaccination please be aware your vets may require you to start the course from the beginning.

Please read our adoption procedures before applying and then complete the adoption form.





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